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Pain Management

Now Offering SOLO-DEX Fascile® Catheter. 

Fascile is a Fast-One-Hand cPNB Procedure, Allowing for a Continuous Peripheral Nerve Block in Just 5 Minutes. Brought to You by InfuBLOCK®

In combination with InfuBLOCK Pain Management System, the SOLO-DEX catheter over the needle technology allows anesthesiologists to place facile continuous peripheral nerve block catheter in just five minutes for common procedures such as shoulder repair, hip and knee replacement as well as general surgical procedures.

Once placed, SOLO-DEX products are designed to remain in place introducing the type, quantity and volume of acute pain management medication continuously for days.

Bringing Innovation to the Pain Management Market
The patented Fascile® Catheter System overcomes the constraints that prevent you from providing a continuous block to every patient. Designed by actively practicing anesthesiologists for anesthesiologists.

The SOLO-DEX Fascile catheter improves self-administered, non-opiate, post-operative pain management.

Why SOLO-DEX Fascile® for cPNB?
SOLO-DEX Fascile® cPNB is inserted using one hand, by a single operator, using ultra-low doses of the local anesthetic solution, and without the need for sterile drapes or gloves. Patients report fewer side effects such as phrenic involvement, Horner’s syndrome, hoarseness, and excessive numbness. It also lowers the need for opioids and often eliminates them completely. This continuous pain management reduces doctor visits and hospitalizations due to uncontrolled pain.

5,000+ patients treated

FDA cleared (K151072) and the CE marked

US patent 8986283 and other patents pending

SOLO-DEX Fascile® cPNB Mini Kit includes:
  • Curved, Multi-Orifice Catheter
  • Modified Touhy Tip Needle
  • Straightening Straw
  • Extension Tube
  • 0.2 Micron Filter

Fascile® is a Fast, One-Hand Procedure

The SOLO-DEX Fascile® cPNB simplifies and accelerates cPNB placement, improving patient comfort and post-procedure pain management. Patients report the need for opioids is drastically reduced and often eliminated altogether. 

With the SOLO-DEX Fascile® device, placing the catheter is a simple five-minute procedure, it is as easy as inserting an IV and requires no specialized training.

SOLO-DEX Fascile® device can be placed with one hand, freeing your second hand to manage the ultrasound probe, without needing an assistant. The patented design diminishes catheter movement concerns and limits occlusion, precisely addressing the patient’s pain management needs.

How SOLO-DEX Works

Patented features make placing a SOLO-DEX Fascile® a fast, one-hand procedure, ensuring a nerve block that is safe and effective.

  • Curved over the needle catheter with multiple distal holes retains its shape, allows for less dislodgement and improved position retention, while optimizing delivery of pain medication to the target nerves.
  • Includes a Touhy tipped needle - a standard for the administration of local anesthetic solution near peripheral nerves.
  • The stimulator attachment clip allows for optional nerve stimulation.
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