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On-site Service

On-site Expert Service – Greater Dependability and Robust Service Programs at Your Doorstep

On-site service for biomedical, durable medical equipment, and infusion pumps. Calibration, testing, certification, repair and maintenance.

InfuSystem provides on-site biomedical services to health care networks across the U.S. and Canada. Our dedicated team of biomedical professionals comes to your facility to manage all of your critical medical equipment needs including repair, corrective and preventative maintenance and technical support.

Whether we are complimenting your in-house resources or tailoring an equipment maintenance plan specifically for your facility, we have your critical medical equipment covered. InfuSystem’s on-site corrective maintenance programs are covered by a 90-day warranty.

Tailored, Critical Medical Equipment Programs

  • Preventative maintenance programs

  • Corrective maintenance programs

  • Device testing, calibration & certification

  • Installation & upgrade programs

  • Hardware & software upgrades

  • Electrical safety testing

  • Physical Inventory
  • QR Coding
  • RFID System Installation

Preventative Maintenance — Service You Can Count On. Experience You Can Trust.

InfuSystem provides on-site preventative maintenance to facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our dedicated team of biomedical professionals will perform regular and routine maintenance of your medical equipment and assets onsite to keep your critical equipment running. All service and repair records are documented, and they are available online, anytime, meeting accreditation guidelines.

  • Patient-ready equipment

  • Lessens equipment downtime

  • Fewer interruptions to critical operations

  • Longer device life

  • Improves equipment efficiency

Physical Inventory Management — Put Timely Equipment Management in Our Hands, to Keep the Patient Care in Yours

Accurate and efficient inventory management of medical equipment is critical for health care facilities. InfuSystem’s experts work with your team to understand your current inventory needs, priorities and challenges. You can rely on InfuSystem for every part of your inventory process, from the first device counted to the final inventory report. Designed to address the complex equipment management needs of health care providers, our proprietary software platform simplifies your inventory management from end-to-end. From identifying each piece of equipment including its specific location, to asset tagging and service records, our goal is to keep the health of your inventory in check.

Simplify Your Inventory Management From End-to-End 

  • Delivers real-time inventory reporting

  • Increases visibility of all equipment from end-to-end

  • Reduces time managing inventory

  • Optimizes equipment usage

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*Not all items are available in Canada.