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Introducing Advanced Skin
Care for Radiation Patients –
During and After Treatment

Safe and Effective Skin Care During and After Radiotherapy

Radiaderm provides soothing relief and protection while improving comfort throughout radiation treatment.

Radiaderm R1TM & R2TM Skin Care System is a two-step system for use during and after radiotherapy. R1 is a cooling gel and R2 is a soothing lotion.

The R1 & R2 System helps to provide skin care from Day One of radiation treatment before any skin changes are visible.

R1 Cooling Gel is the first step of the full R1 & R2 System. R1 cools, hydrates and stabilizes skin temperature.

R2 Soothing Lotion is the second step of the system. R2 nourishes and moisturizes skin, which helps to promote elasticity. R2 also contains UVA and UVB stabilizers that help maintain the skin’s natural barrier to free radicals caused by UV exposure.

How R1 & R2 Work

Step One – R1 Cooling Gel with LactokineTM (milk protein) is the first step in a two-step skin care system. It cools, soothes and hydrates the skin. R1 gel is for use as soon as possible following radiotherapy and helps stabilize skin temperature as soon as it is applied to the skin.

  • Cools

  • Hydrates Skin

  • Soothes

  • Helps to Stabilize Skin Temperature

  • Contains Lactokine

Step Two – R2 Soothing Lotion with Lactokine™ (milk protein) is step two of the system that smooths, moisturizes and helps maintain elasticity of the skin.

  • Moisturizes Skin

  • Smooths Affected Area

  • Helps Promote Skin Elasticity

  • Contains UVA & UVB Stabilizers

  • Contains Lactokine

Clinically Recommended

Multi-center, hospital-based use shows:

of Radiaderm R1™ & R2™ users displayed no evidence of an adverse skin reaction during their radiation treatment.
of Radiaderm R1 & R2 users displayed no visible adverse skin effects 14 days after finishing radiation treatment.

Radiaderm System Pack Results

Before & After Using Radiaderm R1 & R2

Before Application
The patient, having been treated with radiation therapy, before using Radiaderm R1 & R2.

After 16 Days of Daily Application
The patient, having been treated with radiation therapy, after using Radiaderm R1 & R2.

What Sets Radiaderm Apart From Other Radiation Relief Products?

  • Radiaderm R1 & R2 contain Lactokine

  • Both R1 & R2 are well tolerated

  • Relieves discomfort during radiation treatment

  • Soothes and nourishes the skin

  • Radiaderm R2 contains UVA & UVB stabilizers

Try the Radiaderm R1 & R2 System today.

Lactokine is a clinically tested milk-based fluid that is used in personal care products. It is a skin-conditioning agent that also helps reduce redness of the skin.

Lactokine contains milk-derived factors that help the skin maintain a smooth and elastic texture.

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