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PumpPortal is now DeviceHub®
Medical Device Manager.

DeviceHub — your hub to manage all your infusion pumps and movable medical equipment without the busy work.

DeviceHub medical device manager is your window to secure, convenient and simplified management of all your infusion pumps and movable medical equipment needs. DeviceHub is a go-to destination that provides simplified workflows and features to put you in control of your equipment. Order, track and manage within minutes to save time, money and ensure your practice or facility utilizes the best quality brands and equipment for patient care.

With DeviceHub you can efficiently and easily:

  • Purchase and rent equipment
  • View and check order and equipment status

  • Schedule repair service anytime
  • View your pumps and assets
  • Review and retrieve service records and certifications
  • View current and historical invoices
  • Generate an RGA(s) – repair or rental returns
  • Simplify your data

  • Get real-time estimates and availability
  • Monitor your equipment investment
  • Search product catalog
  • Make your day a little easier

DeviceHub makes your daily equipment management even easier with these coming upgrades:

DeviceHub repair estimates for medical equipment. Repair estimates for durable medical equipment.
• Ability to approve repair estimates with the click of a button
DeviceHub FedEx and UPS tracking. Medical equipment management, sales, and rental.
• FedEx/UPS tracking numbers
DeviceHub repairability RGA process.  Generate an RGA(s) – repair or rental returns.
• Repairability built into the RGA process


*Not all items are available in Canada.

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