Life at InfuSystem

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Our Culture and Values

InfuSystem prides itself in being a compassionate organization that puts the needs of its employees and patients first. As a leader in our field, our mission is to provide quality equipment and services to patients and medical facilities. Our team effort provides product management and clinical support to enhance the lives of our patients and the communities we serve.

Our Company Core Values are our foundational pillars. They guide our interactions with our customers, our business partners and each other. They represent our moral compass and are deeply ingrained in our culture and dedication to what we do.

  • People and Patients First
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Focus and Continuous Improvement

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What Our Employees
Are Saying About Us

  • "Employees at InfuSystem are taken care of. Our CEO makes it a priority to make all employees feel as if we belong to a family, and I truly do."

    Karen Adcock
    Senior Project Manager/Business Analyst

  • "#infusystemlife means working for a company that operates and performs with true integrity. We are a family here. We work together for the greater good of the whole rather than solely for individual success or recognition. It organically fosters success for everyone, InfuSystem and our customers."

    Mary Lane Fantigrossi
    Territory Manager, Oncology

  • "InfuSystem is a growing company that is committed to providing excellent customer service to the facilities and the patients that they serve."

    Stephanie Shimanek
    MSN, APRN, OCN, FNP-BC Vice President, Clinical

  • "#infusystemlife means that I work for a company that values their employees and strives to allow a balanced work and family life."

    Jennifer Franch
    Territory Manager, Oncology

  • "#infusystemlife is balanced and this company cares about fostering a healthy environment for families. Another part of #infusystemlife is the culture amongst the employees. You can tell we are all pulling the rope the same way and I love that!"

    Dan Sechrist
    Director of Sales, NPWT

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Life at InfuSystem Culture and Values, Our People, Diversity, Careers, Biomedical Engineer Technician, BMET, RN.

Our People

We are a dynamic team of people who have a passion for what we do. We surround ourselves with collaborative, smart, innovative and just all-around good people who roll up their sleeves, challenge the status quo, and look out for one another. We have built a work environment that is fun, focused on growth, and filled with opportunity.

InfuSystem Fosters Diversity

As an employer that is committed to inclusion and diversity, InfuSystem strives to empower, develop and recognize our team members from all walks of life. We encourage open dialogue and discussion to remove barriers where they exist and to support the career interests of our employees.

Message From Our CEO

We are a fast-growing company of exceptional people who are passionate about providing patients with excellent service and compassionate care. We take pride in fostering an environment of diversity, openness, respect, and fun — one that puts our people and patients first.

Our expanding team of employees works hard every day to earn the respect of patients and clinicians by providing the latest and safest in medical technology and devices, along with world-class biomedical, clinical and customer care that is always ready to respond and provide support around the clock. Everyone here is dedicated to giving patients of all ages a bit of normalcy back in their lives. Receiving treatment at home instead of in a health care facility makes it possible for patients to spend time with their friends and family.

Message from CEO Richard DiIorio Chief Executive Officer, Executive Leadership, Board of Directors, world-class biomedical, clinical and customer care careers.

– Richard DiIorio, CEO

Life at InfuSystem Culture and & Values, Our People, Diversity, Careers

Corporate & Social Responsibility

At InfuSystem, we have a fundamental belief in the human spirit and the power of coming together for the common good; one patient, one employee and one neighbor at a time. We are focused, performance-driven and accountable for our growth without sacrificing our values along the way. We believe our responsibility is to nurture and support a culture committed to delivering value to our customers, investing in our employees and dealing fairly and ethically with our partners. In addition, we support the communities we serve and generate long-term value for shareholders and we recognize that each company stakeholder is essential.

Compliance & Ethics

We are deeply committed to human and civil rights in all aspects of our work and just doing what’s right in general. Supporting one another with dignity, integrity and respect are the most important values we have. Our employees and business partners have shared expectations of our adopted policies that guide our standard business practices. These policies underscore and encourage sound and responsible decision-making with an open-door policy and formal reporting process to voice questions or concerns.

Core Values

Environmental, Social & Governance Standards

Environmental Awareness
We believe in making a collective impact based on a set of standards designed to improve our company’s social consciousness and operations to ultimately improve the lives around us. As consumers of resources, we recognize the impact of embracing sustainable methods to protect the environment.

Positive Social Impact
As outlined in our Human Rights Policy, InfuSystem is committed to all aspects of human rights, and our policies and practices uphold the integrity of that commitment. We care about our surrounding communities and seek ways to increase community welfare.

InfuSystem strives to empower, develop and recognize our team members in an equal opportunity and inclusive workplace environment. We encourage open dialogue and discussion to remove barriers where they exist and support our employees' career interests.

Responsible Governance
In conjunction with our Executive Team, our Board of Directors has adopted governance principles, committee charters and abide by our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics to lead our governance practices.

Working Together Through the Pandemic

We have been weighted with change, disruption, uncertainty, and an unprecedented, global pandemic. The challenges we faced – both professionally as an organization and community but also personally were significant. We quickly needed to navigate through situations that changed how we do business, working in both an on-site and remote capacity to maintain our commitment to patients and customers.

Adapting to this new way of working and living while continuing to put our people and patients first, we rallied around our culture of making it work together.

Early in the pandemic, the InfuSystem team worked hand in hand to develop a plan that enabled hundreds of people to work remotely while ensuring our facilities were safe for our essential teams coming on-site daily. Next, our primary focus was on constant and consistent communication. Coming together as an organization, committed to ensuring all teams concerns were heard. Along the way, we shared lighter moments, and stayed up to date which aligned us as the constantly shifting changes affected our work and home lives.

Keeping our team closely connected across the country has been the most rewarding of tasks and has fueled our unwavering commitment to doing the right thing and making a positive impact on the lives of the people we touch.

Life at InfuSystem, COVID-19, working together through the pandemic, careers, Biomedical Engineer Technician, BMET, RN.
Life at InfuSystem Quality Statement. InfuSystem is committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations through continuous improvement.

Quality Statement

InfuSystem is committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations through continuous improvement. The quality management system enables our employees to participate in the improvement of core processes that directly link to customer satisfaction, while complying with applicable requirements ... all of which contribute to the continued success of InfuSystem.