Biomedical Solutions

When your equipment requires preventative maintenance or repair, count on InfuSystem to deliver the quality you and your patients deserve.

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InfuSystem offers biomedical repair services ranging from equipment inspections to extensive repairs, all completed to factory specifications. As the leader in biomedical solutions, we are committed to providing patient ready equipment with a prompt turnaround, exceptional customer service and competitive pricing.

Expert Biomedical Technicians – Committed to Delivering Exceptional Service

InfuSystem employs over 60 experienced biomedical technicians in our network facilities nationwide. Our biomedical technicians are manufacturer-trained and share a combined 185 years of industry experience. We are committed to ensuring that your biomedical equipment runs properly, for the health and well-being of your patients, and for your bottom line.

InfuSystem Service Warranty – We have you covered.

InfuSystem provides a 90-day repair warranty on all equipment we service. The warranty period begins at the time of service. Customers requiring assistance after the warranty period are encouraged to contact us to discuss the best service plan for your equipment. 

Service Records

We make it easy comply with inspections by documenting and delivering a complete record of your equipment’s service via the PumpPortal, online, anytime, meeting all accreditation guidelines.

InfuSystem® is committed to providing prompt, reliable repairs on every piece of Equipment serviced.


Trust all of your medical equipment to the biomedical repair professionals at InfuSystem.

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