IV Administration Sets

High-Quality IV Admin Sets from InfuSystem®

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InfuSystem is your one source for both IV Pumps and their associated IV Administration Sets. We deliver the quality and safety you and your patients deserve. Our pump expert will guide you to the sets that will best meet your needs and save you money. Click here to learn more.

For Your Infusion Pumps

  • Baxter FLO-GARD
  • Baxter Sigma Spectrum
  • B Braun Vista Basic
  • Moog Curlin 4000
  • Moog Curlin 6000
  • Smiths Medical CADD-1
  • Smiths Medical CADD-Legacy 1
  • Smiths Medical CADD Legacy PCA
  • Smiths Medical CADD-Legacy Plus
  • Smiths Medical CADD Prizm
  • Smiths Medical CADD Solis
  • Smiths Medical Mustang
  • Zyno Z-800 (all models)

Looking for Part #'s for IV Admin Sets:

  • A2-80071-D
  • A2-80071-DF-7D
  • A2-80072
  • B2-70071-D
  • B2-70071-DF
  • HLSV205077MB
  • HLSV261822MB
  • HLSVF261822B
  • AMBFL001
  • AMBFL003
  • AMBFL004
  • AMBFL005
  • AMBFL0011
  • AMBFL0012
  • AMBFL0013
  • AMBFL0014

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