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Everyday small amounts of hazardous drugs – vapor and droplets – can build up on the surfaces around you. Even with systems that you've used for years – needle-free system or chemo pin – long term exposure puts you and everyone around you at risk. Professional bodies such as NIOSH, OSHA, ASHP and ONS all recommend the use of a Close System Transfer Device (CSTD). InfuSystem takes your safety seriously... call today!

Closed System Transfer Devices protect healthcare workers from health risks associated with exposure to hazardous drugs.

InfuSystem offers easy-to-use Closed System options from the top manufacturers. We are committed to the health and safety of our friends and colleagues in the Oncology community.

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Some of our most popular CSTD items include:

  • #B1046 ICU Medical - Extension Set 
  • #CH-10 ICU Medical - Bag Spike
  • #CH-61 ICU Medical - Vial Adapter
  • #CH-63 ICU Medical - Vented Vial Spike
  • #CH-70 ICU Medical - Universal Vented Vial Spike
  • #CH-80 ICU Medical -Closed Vial Spike
  • #CH2000S-C ICU Medical - Spinning Spiros®
  • #CH3034 ICU Medical - 5" Add-on Set
  • #FC-1 Equashield - Female Luer Lock Connector
  • #LL-1 Equashield - Luer Lock Adaptor
  • #SU-10/2 Equashield - Syringe Unit
  • #VA-20/2 Equashield - Vial Adapter

Contact InfuSystem® for more information or to arrange for demonstration. Call us toll-free 1-800-962-9656.  *Not all items are available in Canada.

How Can We Help?

The InfuCare hotline is available to all patients who are using a pump supplied by InfuSystem®. Our staff of registered nurses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to answer patients’ pump-related questions.

INFUSUPPORT 24 Hour Clinician Support Hotline

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