Treatment Outcomes

InfuSystem® brings 25-plus years of experience to patient care.

We are proud to be known for the clinical expertise we offer to patients and practitioners alike.

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Because of the cost-effective nature of infusion therapy, InfuSystem is able to lower patient out-of-pocket costs. This treatment protocol also increases patient mobility and quality of life, and provides the continuity of care that delivers comfort, security and better overall clinical outcomes.

Clinical Care

Ambulatory pump infusion products and services provided by InfuSystem offer clinically superior outcomes and have been recognized by the American Society of Clinical Oncology as the standard of care for patients requiring this protocol.

InfuSystem is accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP)

Studies show that patients who are provided with quality care, a nurturing environment and a variety of helpful resources often experience quicker recovery and better overall medical outcomes. InfuSystem provides a professionally trained nursing staff, patient advocates and a wide range of educational tools to help patients and their families better understand the continuous infusion protocol.

InfuSystem is dedicated to the professional, cost-effective and compassionate care of ambulatory infusion patients.

InfuSystem provides practices with the ambulatory infusion pumps and supplies they need for their patients at no cost to the practice. Reimbursement is straightforward: the practice bills the patient's insurance for chemotherapy infusion and refilling/maintenance, plus the drugs to be infused, as appropriate. InfuSystem bills the patient's insurance for use of the pump. All supplies for each pump and treatment cycle are billed to the patient's insurance, separately or as a single fee, depending on insurance company preference.

As part of our leading support to health care clinics, InfuSystem provides round-the-clock access to the InfuCare clinical support patient hotline and InfuSupport clinician support hotline for pump-related inquires. We also maintain a vast library of patient education materials that is available to all health care providers.

InfuSystem offers administrative ease to practices and clinics, allowing them to focus on delivering professional, compassionate care to their patients. We provide seamless solutions and managed care options.

Included in InfuSystem’s Ambulatory Infusion Pump Program:

  • Ambulatory infusion pump from a wide variety of manufacturers
  • All supplies, including cassettes, medication bags, tubing, batteries, carrying cases and chemotherapy skill kits
  • Cleaning and testing of pumps between patients
  • 24/7/365 patient support hotline staffed by registered nurses
  • Paperless forms via Apple®, iPad®, web or EMR

InfuSystem is an industry leader in providing patients with the services and support to improve their treatment experience.

Contact InfuSystem® with questions regarding InfuSystem's national ambulatory pump management service. Call us toll-free 1-800-962-9656.  *Not all items are available in Canada.

How Can We Help?

The InfuCare hotline is available to all patients who are using a pump supplied by InfuSystem®. Our staff of registered nurses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to answer patients’ pump-related questions.

INFUSUPPORT 24 Hour Clinician Support Hotline

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