Post-Op Pain Admin

Improve your patients' expereience and your bottom line.


Tired of choosing between saving money and improving your patients' experience?  Look no further.

It all adds up:

  • The highest satisfaction scores

  • Easy HCAHPS-friendly reporting

  • Track patient pain and satisfaction from anywhere, online

  • Pharmacy can fill ordinary IV bags


24/7 Pain Patient Hotline

Patients are instructed to follow their physician’s orders for additional pain relief measures. Uncontrolled pain not responding to these measures should immediately be reported to your doctor.

*Accuracy improvement based on iFlow's posted accuracy range of +/-15%

Contact InfuSystem® today to learn more about InfuBLOCK pain management program.  Call us toll-free 1-844-PAIN-123 or 1-844-724-6123.  *Not all items are available in Canada.