Pain Management

InfuBLOCK® by InfuSystem® provides ambulatory infusion pumps to healthcare providers of continuous, non-narcotic pain medicine to patients who have undergone outpatient surgery.

The electronic pump provides the right amount of medication to relieve your pain without interruption, thereby alleviating uncomfortable spikes in soreness and throbbing. The pump is pre-set by your healthcare provider to deliver your medication safely and effectively.

Because the medication used is non-narcotic, outpatient orthopedic-surgery patients experience:

  • Superior pain relief with fewer side effects
  • Faster and higher-quality recovery period
  • Improved physical therapy
  • Better sleep

24/7 Pain Patient Hotline

Patients are instructed to follow their physician’s orders for additional pain relief measures. Uncontrolled pain not responding to these measures should immediately be reported to your doctor.

Contact InfuSystem® today to learn more about InfuBLOCK pain management program.  Call us toll-free 1-844-PAIN-123 or 1-844-724-6123.  *Not all items are available in Canada.