About Nerve Block Catheters

Nerve block catheters are proven to be an effective measure in controlling postoperative pain. The catheter is connected to an infusion pump that continuously provides your doctor’s prescribed dose of pain medicine. It is common to experience numbness and tingling in the surgical arm or leg while the infusion is running.

If this sensation lasts more than 32 hours after the infusion has stopped and the catheter has been removed, patients are urged to contact their physician immediately.

Important tips for patients:

    • Do not drive or operate machinery while the catheter is in place
    • Be careful with your numb limb. You may not perceive situations that may injure you
  • Avoid hot baths, holding hot liquids and similar activities
  • Keep your sling or splint on at all times, except during physical therapy
  • Do not get the catheter, pump or bandages wet
  • If you have had a nerve block for surgery on your leg or foot, do not stand or walk using the affected leg until your strength comes back


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