BlockPain Dashboard

Your patient's pain scores at your fingertips, anytime.


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Securely monitor your patient pain and satisfaction levels online, anytime, anywhere.

We Make it Easy:

  • InfuSystem's trained nurse staff contacts patients daily

  • InfuSystem logs pain and satisfaction scores

  • Log into the BlockPain Dashboard for an easy overview

  • Track patient pain and satisfaction from anywhere, online


24/7 Pain Patient Hotline

Click here to learn more about InfuSystem's BlockPain Dashboard.

Patients are instructed to follow their physician’s orders for additional pain relief measures. Uncontrolled pain not responding to these measures should immediately be reported to your doctor.


Contact InfuSystem® today to learn more about InfuBLOCK pain management program.  Call us toll-free 1-844-PAIN-123 or 1-844-724-6123.  *Not all items are available in Canada.