InfuBLOCK Services

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InfuBLOCK Services:

High Patient Satisfaction

  • InfuBLOCK's patient satisfaction scores are proven to be high
  • Scores are securely accessible via InfuSystem's online BlockPain Dashboard

Patient Follow-up

InfuSystem's trained professionals contact patients daily to:

  • Log pain scores and feedback
  • Log satisfaction scores
  • Scores are available in real time via the web-based BlockPain Dashboard

HCAHPS-Friendly Reporting

  • When satisfaction scores mean more now than ever, proving high patient satisfaction just got easier with InfuBLOCK
  • Easy, secure satisfaction reporting available via InfuSystem's online BlockPain Dashboard

BlockPain Dashboard Data

  • Easily track your patients pain, satisfaction scores and progress online with the BlockPain Dashboard
  • Secure and HIPAA-compliant

24/7 Patient Hotline

  • InfuSystem answers patient calls 24/7
  • Trained nursing team

Accurate Infusion Pump

  • The infusion pump is included with the InfuBLOCK program 
  • Certified for accuracy (+/- 6%)
  • Bolus feature available
  • Audible safety alarms
  • Reporting capability

Patient and Clinical Education

  • Video education 
  • Information guides
  • Discharge instructions
  • On-call support

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Pump Support for Pain Patients

24/7 Pain Patient Support Hotline - Call Toll Free 1-844-PAIN-123

Insurance Questions?

For insurance related questions, contact us at 1-800‐962‐9656 or

Contact InfuSystem® today to learn more about InfuBLOCK pain management program.  Call us toll-free 1-844-PAIN-123 or 1-844-724-6123.  *Not all items are available in Canada.